5 Best Zapier Alternatives to Automate your Work (2023)

Zapier is currently the most popular integration platform for small and mid-sized businesses which offers a unique set of apps that are continually being extended.

But Zapier is a paid service (with a free tier) that mainly caters to business users, not casual consumers. Eventually, there are alternatives for everything.

5 Best Zapier Alternatives
  1. Wyzebulb
  2. Integromat
  3. IFTTT( If This Then That)
  4. Automate.io
  5. Jitterbit

1. Wyzebulb


Wyzebulb is known to make your team achieve more with lesser efforts whether you’re in Marketing, Sales or Operations. They deliver a unified platform to run your business with ease.


  • Wyzebulb is way cheaper when compared to Zapier and many other options. What people like the most is that it not only helps you connect any app with an open API but also helps you to create workflows over and above that with the criteria specified by you.
  • Also, there is no limit in the number of integrations you can create/run on Wyzebulb as they charge based on the number of users and not on combinations. In contrast, in Zapier, you’re charged based on the number of integrations.
  • Their support is one of the best, and they are very responsive to your requests. Demand for any new integration which isn’t on their platform, and they get it up and running quickly.
  • The application allows you to sift the data and segment based on them.
  • To Track geographic location, website visitors are a feature which they offer and will enable you to act upon it based on your requirements. So, if you’re looking for a fast and cheaper alternative, Wyzebulb will be the ideal choice.


  • No collaboration is done without integration.
  • This is beneficial with a large number of integrations.

2. Integromat


Integromat is the most approached online automation platform, and it is known as the epoxy of the web. It helps to brutalize the function that you are handling manually.

This alternative is a vastly user-friendly product that not only has the capability of connecting applications but can also transform and transfer data anywhere.


  • It provides direct support for numbers of apps and services like Dropbox, Emails, Facebook, Google Drive, MySQL, Webhooks, etc.
  • It offers 1500 templates that provide ready-to-use scenarios to help with set up.
  • Connects hundreds of applications and services without any coding requirements as it has HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules.
  • When it comes to pricing, Integromat allows you to perform 1,000 operations with the free trial. After the open plan, you can opt for four paid projects ranging from $9 per month with 10,000 services.


  • It’s more complex than Zapier
  • Integromat is not created for the everyday user. It is an advanced level automation application that requires some getting used to.
  • Newbies can make mistakes that require technical support to undo errors.

3. IFTTT( If This Then That)

IFTTT( If This Then That)

If This Then That is a web-based resource that generates chains of simple conditional statements and a convenient way to do more with your favorite apps and devices at no cost. The application targets end-users.

Zapier works best for business and enterprise tasks. It is way more robust with options. However, they don’t have a mobile application, and it isn’t designed for personal use.

It might seem trivial, but the main difference lies in their target audience, Zapier is more for businesses, and IFTTT is more for individuals.

IFTTT is more elementary, but that simplicity is its strength. This web-based resource is drafted to be implemented on the consumer level, whereas the interface is designed to brace that.

If the user desires to post a picture to Instagram and Twitter simultaneously quickly, IFTTT is excellent at this. Zapier can also do it, but IFTTT is faster and easier. They also have a mobile application so you can easily set up this automation.

IFTTT is beneficial for households with loads of smart devices, but not so much with Zapier.

IFTTT ( If This Then That)


  • It has tons of available integrations, which open it up to a wide variety of use-cases.
  • It is simple in design and easy to use.
  • IFTTT has a lot of recipes already created to work with more than 200 devices and apps.
  • It’s free of cost.


  • On iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, home pods or Macbooks, it doesn’t work great though It does the job, but is not unlimited.
  • They don’t have a mobile application, and it isn’t designed for personal use.
  • Customizing is a bit complex, so takes more time.

4. Automate.io


If you are on a budget or want a cheaper alternative to Zapier, the suggestion is to go with Automate.io. The application is perfect for startups and small businesses.

In the technology field, drag and drop are trending, and here at Automate.io, you can visually create integrations with drag-drop data mapping features in minutes without any technical help.


  • They offer 250 tasks (they refer to them as actions) compared to Zapier only 100.
  • Automate provides multi-app integrations even in the free trial plan, unlike Zapier, which offers it only in the paid plan.
  • They have a simple UX, basically cheaper on a per-task basis than Zapier.
  • Drag and drop option is its specialty.
  • Lastly, they have excellent customer support which is available 24/7.


  • Setup is a bit tricky at the beginning, but you can figure it out with their support services.
  • Sometimes, It is confusing to set the bot; it is not easy!

5. Jitterbit


Jitterbit is another in this flock of Zapier alternatives. It is a dedicated platform to accelerate the workflow of the customer by clubbing the power of APIs, artificial intelligence and integrations.

Moreover, you can briskly fill an application with artificial intelligence technologies such as real-time language translation, speech recognition, and product upsell recommendations. Lastly, you can set your integrations to run on a timetable, triggered, or real-time and control it anytime, from anywhere.


  • Jitterbit is mainly concentrating on the comfort of speed and use.
  • It offers real-time data connections, as opposed to those that sync in intervals.
  • Mapping similar fields and services between your apps and add business logic with over 300 included formulas is one of the significant features Jitterbit claims.
  • The service has been excellent and always been responsive and knowledgeable.
  • Jitterbit features an intuitive graphical interface for creating any integration via drag-n-drop feature and enhances your business processes and workflow by integrating thousands of apps with pre-built templates.
  • They even sell custom pricing based on business needs..


  • The cost of this product is slightly higher than other products of this sort.
  • Jitterbit can be too strong sometimes., Depending on what systems you are using.
  • This platform is not super intuitive but once you figure it out, study the tutorial well, it works well.


Above mentioned is a brief walkthrough about the various alternatives to Zapier. You might want Zapier for your business as it is one of those sites which makes business people more productive, allowing them to outsource menial tasks or want several integrations.

Still, yes, its cutting edge prices create a hitch.

Whatever the reason is, everything has an alternative. So, If you know what you are looking for, the battle of finding a Zapier alternative is won. Each of the other options, as mentioned above, has a set of a trademark which has a cutting edge advantage over Zapier, choose wisely.

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