23 Best SEO Tools to Boost Site Marketing in 2023

Good search engine optimization (SEO) is everything.

Because if you want people to see your site, buy products from your store, or read your content—you’ll want people to find your site through search engines.

Okay, you probably know that. But:

You might be wondering why you need to know about SEO tools—isn’t as simple as Googling around and being sure to use certain words that seem likely to bring searches?

Using keywords is part of it, but it’s FAR from the whole story.

There’s a lot of technology that goes into how search engines sort and prioritize sites. Getting your site to rank higher and higher on search results IS very possible, but you’ve got to be on top of different things.

Luckily, there’s a LOT of software out there to handle SEO. There’s quite a range to these—some are simple free SEO tools that help you come up with keywords.

Others are complex, and pricier, software products that have a bunch of SEO tools in one service.

In this review, I’ll go over the 23 best SEO tools for monitoring and auditing your site (but of course, some do a lot more).

I’ll go over the gist of the software/company, then the features, and wrap up with the price range. Because this is a long list, understand I can’t cover everything…but the essentials will be there!

After the first couple items on this list, you’ll realize that a lot of the features are the same—or overlap.

Because of this, I’ll stop explaining them pretty early on, to save everyone some energy.

Best SEO Tools to Boost Site Marketing

  1. CognitiveSEO
  2. Raven Tools
  3. SEOptimer
  4. SEO Site Checkup
  5. SEO PowerSuite
  6. Mangools
  7. Keywordtool.io
  8. SmallSEOTools.com
  9. Money Robot Submitter
  10. SEOTools for Excel

Ready? Let’s go:

1. CognitiveSEO

Cognitive SEO

Ooh, a cool, smart-sounding name!

CognitiveSEO began back in 2009-2010 and officially went live in 2011. Since then, the company has grown in its number of users, team members, and features.

CognitiveSEO takes pride in the features it offers, and it regularly rolls out new ones.


So briefly speaking—what’s the use of this tool?

CognitiveSEO is a SET of tools designed to help you rank and monitor your sites better. CognitiveSEO provides lots of insights and digital marketing strategy analyses.

It does a bunch of things at once—it’s best to think of CognitiveSEO as a multitool. Here are some of the important features:


  • Site Audit: this tool combs through your site and lets you know about basically all the problems your site might have that would affect your traffic.
  • CognitiveSEO’s backlink analysis aggregates data from trusted databases, and then provides you with great backlink options.
  • Google Penguin’s recent developments have taken down a lot of site’s search rankings. But CognitiveSEO offers a Google Penguin Recovery tool lets you find out why you’ve been penalized, and can quickly remove the problems.
  • The Rank Tracker tool is something you’re probably familiar with—it basically lets you track keyword rankings. BUT, it’s more in-depth than average. And in particular, it can give specifics on tracked keywords by city, country, language, etc.
  • CognitiveSEO’s digital marketing reports are customized to your digital marketing strategy.
  • The SEO dashboard is unique because it’s highly customizable, and can show DOZENS of metrics as you wish.
  • Great content visibility tools let you look at the social media activity of your market, so you can find your competitors’ strategies and outdo them.

CognitiveSEO’s price range is pretty simple:

You can pay for either the Starter or Business package. The Starter package is $129.99 paid month-to-month, but averages out at $89 a month if you choose to pay yearly instead.

The Business tier’s pricing is custom, and it has more features than the Starter plan. Starter comes with a ton of features, don’t get me wrong, but Business Tier levels things up significantly.

Overall, CognitiveSEO really stands out as an ultimate SEO multitool, with tons of features!

2. Raven Tools

RAven Tools

Raven Tools is a pretty successful SEO company.

According to its website, thousands of agencies and freelancers use it. And one of the most notable?

Raven Tools 1

Thomson Reuters, the company that includes the world-famous Reuters news group. So that’s a pretty major client!

Now, Raven Tools is pretty similar to CognitiveSEO in that it’s primarily a multi-tool: it’s an all-in-one SEO package.

Here’re some highlights of the features Raven Tools offers:


  • Raven Tools lets you make marketing reports based on tons of different sources and about tons of different things. From website analytics to social media reports, you can basically use these to take a look at anything.
  • The Competitor Research Tool actually has a bunch of tools/features within itself. There are tools for looking at your own site’s performance, looking at your competition’s, and accessing Domain Research Central.
  • Site audit tool, conveniently organized into a single dashboard that accounts for 6 different types of issues.
  • Search engine rank tracking (SERP), keyword rank checking, and backlink checking.
  • Link Spy: lets you find good links based on sites ranking in your focus keywords, and outdo your competitors’ backlink game.

Raven Tools’ prices range from $79 a month to $399 a month over FOUR tiers. Plus, there’s also an enterprise plan with custom pricing—so there’re plenty of options to choose from!

That’s if you pay yearly. Paid month to month, the plans range from $109 to $479 a month.

Overall, Raven Tools is another great all-in-one SEO auditor and reporter. It’s user-friendly and does just about everything.

3. SEOptimer

SEO Optimizer

SEOptimer has a pretty good origin story:

It was originally just a page audit tool in 2012, and became one of the most popular FREE audit tools on the internet.

Now SEOptimer has a lot more features, but it’s still fundamentally about audits—in fact, its produced MILLIONS of them.

SEO Optimizer

So like I said, SEOptimer is principally still an audit tool. Here’s what it offers:


  • The White Label SEO Audit tool is a MAJOR feature of SEOptimer. This essentially lets you generate White Label SEO audits. They’re written simply and look elegant, and you just need to upload your company/agency logo and details—so you can deliver branded reports to your customers.
  • The White Label audits basically check everything relevant, and can be customized in appearance too. You can choose colors, templates, different languages, etc.
  • Embeddable audit tool: this lets you embed a simple audit form on your site. The embed tool has been used on every mainstream CMS and website builder, and is pretty easy. Then your visitors just need to click it, and boom—get a quick audit.
  • The embeddable audit tool also lets you send customers a “thank you” email that includes the audit they received as a PDF. Plus custom messages, and your company logo and aesthetic.
  • SEO crawler provides particularly simple (read: readable and user-friendly) reports of all the issues on your site’s pages. The issues are shown in real time as the crawl works its way through your site, if you care to see them quickly.

You might have noticed I said SEOptimer was a popular FREE audit tool.

Well, the thing is, it used to be. Nowadays, it’s got a free TRIAL for 14 days, but it’s not actually free.

The actual price range is spread across three tiers, at $19, $29, and $59 a month.

Each tier has different features: primarily, the first tier is simple and lets you handle more stuff. The second and third tier basically give the white label and embed tools (mentioned above).

The gist for SEOptimer is that it’s on the simpler side in its focus—but it’s still got plenty of features. It’s a GREAT tool for doing bulk reporting, and auditing large numbers of customers or prospects.

Not to mention, it’s just fine for taking care of your own sites!

4. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a very straightforward company, with a very straightforward background.

It’s a bunch of SEO pros who’ve tried to make an easy set of SEO tools for boosting your site’s search engine rankings.

So basically, SEO Site Checkup is a bundle of tools aimed at simplifying SEO management, primarily as a monitoring and reporting tool.

In short, think of the name—it’s an SEO checker. Easy!

Here’s some of the highlights:


  • There are quite a few FREE SEO tools, although they are a bit simple.
  • SEO Site Checkup also has quick, easy-to-edit white label SEO reports.
  • SEO reports are written very plainly and have very clear recommendations on how to fix certain issues.
  • Side-by-side SEO comparisons for up to 5 competitors.
  • Unlimited analysis, and automated monitoring based on 30+ variables will tell you how your overall SEO score changes.
  • Most basic tools, like checking backlinks, the ability to monitor regions, monitor site speed, and so on.

SEO Site Checkup has three tiers: Basic, Webmaster, and Professional. The first tier only gets 300 SEO analysis reports max, whereas the other two get unlimited reports.

The higher your tier, the more keywords, competitors, and regions you can monitor.

Paid yearly, the prices range from $22.45 a month to $71.95 a month. When paid monthly, the range isn’t that different–$24.95 to $79.95.

The gist: SEO Site Checkup is focused on combining a variety of tools and depth with ease of use, which is great—since a lot of all-in-one tool can get complicated for beginners.

It’s therefore a bit on the simpler side, but is quite powerful nonetheless.

5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO Power Suite

Without a doubt, SEO PowerSuite is one of the MOST famous and acclaimed SEO toolkits on the market right now.

SEO PowerSuite is not so different, fundamentally, from a lot of the other names here. It’s a bundle of a few powerful SEO tools.

But, SEO PowerSuite is particularly established, like I said:

SEO Power suite 1

Clearly, those are HUGE names recognizable to everyone—so there should be no doubt as to SEO PowerSuite’s effectiveness.

Now, like I said, SEO PowerSuite is a few tools in one package. Specifically, it’s basically FOUR main tools, each accounting for a different part of the SEO process:

A rank tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor, and LinkAssistant.

You probably know the gist of these by now, but I’ll go over some of the highlights:


  • Rank tracker looks at rankings in over 300 search engines and has over 17 keyword research tools. Plus, competitors’ rankings and reports are provided easily.
  • SEO SpyGlass is basically in-depth backlink research and anti-penalty audits. There are OVER 50 metrics, side-by-side site comparisons, the works!
  • The Website Auditor is exactly what it looks like: a detailed crawl that includes everything from technical issues to content issues.
  • LinkAssistant is also exactly what it sounds like: helps you quickly manage and verify links, find new ones, has reports for link building, etc.
  • In general, SEO PowerSuite is very user-friendly.

SEO PowerSuite has three tiers: Free, Professional, and Enterprise.

As you’ve guessed, the free tier is FREE! It’s mainly limited in not letting you save projects or export data. So you can basically do your investigations and audits, but you can’t keep much.

But, who’s really going to complain about free SEO tools?

Anyway, the next two tiers are $299 and $699.

I know, I know—WHAT?!

Well, that’s not per month. The prices stand for the full yearly access to the suite with no additional fees along the way. Unlike most services at somewhat comparable prices, SEO PowerSuite has no limitations on the number of projects, websites, keywords or backlinks to analyze.

So it’s definitely true that for some businesses, this may be a bit steep. It certainly pays off in the long run, but if you can’t afford to save by paying up all at once, you may be better off with another option.

BUT…if you’re already gearing to buy an SEO suite for a yearly package, these prices are GREAT.

SEO PowerSuite is clearly a robust suite of SEO tools…that actually is very cost-effective in the long-run!

6. Mangools


Ah, what’s notable about Mangools?

The name, really. In case you haven’t visited their site, yes, Mangools is indeed Mango-themed. It’s like, mangoes + SEO tools. Fun.

Anyway, Mangools has been around since 2014, so it’s still fairly young, but it’s become pretty well established in that time.

Here’s how well established:


Okay, dang.

Now, if you read the last item—SEO PowerSuite—you’ll find Mangools a bit familiar. Like SEO PowerSuite, Mangools is used by ordinary people and big brands alike.

And, Mangools essentially consists of five SEO tools:

KWFinder (for keyword finder), SERPChecker, SiteProfiler, SERPWatcher, and LinkMiner.

Here are some highlights:


  • KWFinder is, yes, a keyword finder. It’s VERY user-friendly, and focuses on telling you the gist of how easy/highly searched certain keywords are to use. Plus, quick competitor rankings, historical data for search volume, etc.
  • The SERPChecker, aside from being a pretty common Google SERP analysis tool, also has localized SERPs for more than 50,000 locations. Quick simulations and projections of the impact of your rich snippets (like answer boxes or carousels), plus more rankings from your competitors.
  • SiteProfiler is SUPER efficient. It’s even more streamlined than most site profilers, and basically tells you most of what you need to know about SEO authority for any URL you enter. It’s a great tool for quick insights on what your competition is doing…or not doing.
  • SERPWatcher, again, is really user-friendly, which is great for handling more complex info. It basically lets you know the ORGANIC traffic potential of your site.
  • LinkMiner—you’ll be familiar with this by now, but it’s basically a powerful backlink checker.
  • In general, one of the big advantages of Mangools is its access to massive databases, and its ability to harness LOTS of information. But, Mangools has a great strength in NOT being too complicated about the info it presents.

Okay, so when I summarized SEO PowerSuite, the general conclusion was that it was cost-effective in the long-run, but still a bit much to cough up at once.

Mangools has many of the same strengths that SEO PowerSuite does—so is it also a bit of a hefty one-time purchase?

Actually, NO!

Mangools also has three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Agency. None of them are free, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, the price range, if paid yearly, is $29.90 a month to $79.90 a month. Paid monthly, it’s significantly pricier:

The range is $49 a month to $129 a month.

In my view, the features are pretty balanced between the tiers—Mangools Basic isn’t that basic, and will be plenty for most people using it.

In sum, Mangools is a well-priced all-in-one SEO suite with a great focus on usability.

7. Keywordtool.io

Keyword Tools

Keywordtool.io, also known as Keyword Tool, is one of the more exciting entries here.


Because while a lot of the entries here are variations of pricey, all-in-one SEO tool suites, Keyword Tool is a pretty simple service:

It’s a keyword tool.

AND, it’s FREE. But I’ll get to that later.

First of all, how reliable is it? It might sound a bit sketch at first…until you see who has used it:

Keyword Tool IO

Okay, so, very reputable. But what does it really do?

The gist is simple: to seriously enhance your keyword game. Instead of trying to do a bunch of different things decently, Keyword Tool tries to do keywords really really well.

So keep in mind that Keyword Tool is a little more focused when you take a look at this highlights/features list:


  • Search volume and trends over time.
  • Competition level for keywords.
  • Cost-per-click estimates/price estimates for keywords on Google Ads.
  • In general, Keywordtool.io is good at giving useful results QUICKLY.
  • Multiple user accounts (depends on version).
  • Once again, the basics of Keyword Tool are TOTALLY FREE. The free version basically focuses on easy searches that generate lots of focus keywords and long tail keywords.

Okay, so admittedly, this feature list seems a little less impressive compared to some of the others here. But the important thing to remember is that keywordtool.io is simply more focused on a specific aspect of SEO.

Plus, pretty good data is available simply for free. So surely the pro version wouldn’t be that expensive, right?


There are basically three tiers: Pro Basic, Pro Plus, and Pro Business.

Paid yearly, the range is $69 a month to $159 a month. Paid monthly, it’s $89 a month to $199 a month.

Now look, is this a worthy investment for you?

That really depends on your own business context. For some people, multitools and suites are overkill, and focusing mostly on keywords is a fine investment.

For others, the best thing about Keyword Tool is the free version.

8. SmallSEOTools.com

Small SEO Tools

So, you might be wondering what SmallSEOTools.com is about.

After all, it calls itself SMALL—why? What’s that about?

SmallSEOTools.com is basically based on the idea that a lot of people don’t have access to premium SEO tools, as a lot of them are overkill in terms of features and expensive.

So, SmallSEOTools.com caters to the lower-end users, and provides smaller tools that are still useful. This focus on accessibility makes it one of the most unique SEO services out there!

Small SEO Keyword Tools

So how does it work? How do you use it?

It’s super simple. You go to smallseotools.com and then click on the tool you want to use—it looks just like the screenshot above.

SmallSEO tools has a LOT of features, a lot of them smaller individual tools, but here’s the summary:


  • Text context tools: this set of tools lets you look primarily at your content. Check for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, uppercase to lowercase, etc.
  • Image editing tools: reverse image search, resizing, cropping, favicon generation, video to GIF conversation, and more.
  • Keyword Tools: like you saw in the picture, this includes keyword position, keyword density checking, competition analysis and basic research tools, long tail keyword suggestions, difficulty checkers, and more.
  • Backlink tools: basic backlink checker, backlink creator, link price calculator, broken link checker, backlink competitors, etc.
  • Website management: SEO score checker, Google Pagerank checker, page speed tests, QR code generators, WordPress theme detector, virus scans, video downloaders for sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc, and lots more.
  • Website tracking tools: link tracking, server status checks, Whois lookup, Mozrank checker, SSL checker, and way more.
  • Proxy tools, which basically look at your IP and provide daily proxies.
  • Domain tools: domain name age checker, DNS records, bulk domain rating, domain IP lookups, etc.
  • PDF tools for doing basically any sort of PDF-related conversion or edit: __ to PDF, PDF to __, watermarks, etc.
  • Unit conversion, development tools, password management tools, meta tag tools…the list goes on.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: that’s a HUGE list of SMALL tools.

What on earth is that going to cost?

Well, here’s some good news. These are all COMPLETELY FREE.

It’s actually not that surprising. Smallseotools.com isn’t exactly an all-in-one tool. It’s not a software that combines different tools into a single dashboard.

And some of the tools you can find for free online anyway—for example, anyone can google “image to PDF” and find free sites that will do the job.

But that makes sense. Smallseotools.com is supposed to be a collection of, yes, small SEO tools…that are FREE.

Not everyone will want this—it’s less put together than the premium SEO suites. But, all the on page SEO tools cover tons of different niche purposes and will be very useful to low-end and budget users.

Easily one of the best collections of on page SEO tools and of free SEO tools around! You can give any of their tools a shot here.

9. Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot Submitter

You may have heard of some of the other items on this list…but if you haven’t heard of Money Robot Submitter, I wouldn’t be surprised.

…And okay, I can’t lie to you:

Money Robot Submitter has one of the sketchiest looking sites of all the names on this list.

But, rest assured, Money Robot Submitter is a real piece of SEO software.

The gist? Money Robot Submitter is mostly focused on link-building and automated processes (hence the robot part of the name).

BUT, that’s not all it does. Let’s check it out:


  • SEO link building software simplifies the link submission process and automates a lot of link-building. You can create SEO link building campaigns pretty easily, though I’m not a fan of how the software looks.
  • Access to lots of server resources, which means Money Robot Submitter can quickly provide lots of back link to your site.
  • Built-in article rewrite and spinner features, which reduce the risk of being penalized for duplicate content.
  • Daily lists of websites provided by software that crawls servers constantly, so you always have places to submit your content.
  • Automatic captcha solving handles most simple captchas automatically, and provides support for more complex ones.

Okay—multiple tools, but Money Robot Submitter is still primarily focused on the link side of SEO work.

So what’s it cost?

The prices are super simple: you can pay $67 a month for a subscription, OR you can pay $497 ONCE for a lifetime software license.

Is it worth it? Well, that really depends on you. Personally, I find Money Robot Submitter a little sketchy and outdated-looking. BUT, at its core, it does its purpose quite well.

Not everyone wants to focus on their link game equally, but for those who really want to up their SEO link campaigns, Money Robot Submitter has a good focus.

10. SEOTools for Excel

SEO Tools For Excel

So, speaking of the smaller and less famous SEO softwares around—ever heard of SEOTools for Excel?

I expect most of you haven’t, unless you’ve already been looking for SEO tools that work with Excel.

So, can you guess what this tool is for?

Yeah, SEOTools for Excel is focused specifically on integrating SEO management with Microsoft Excel.

This means that it’s on the more advanced side of SEO software, but it’s certainly a highly useful software for those who use Excel a lot in their SEO campaigns.


  • Fundamentally, the major feature is the on-page SEO functions. These basically build out and extend Excel’s ability to verify you’ve set up your pages correctly and optimize them for search engines.
  • SEOTools for Excel also comes with tools for looking at off-page SEO factors, for example with a backlink checker.
  • Comes with lots of integrations for popular services, like Google Analytics or Majestic.
  • The Spider: lets you supply a root URL or a list of URLs, which the Spider Tool will proceed to crawl.
  • Pretty easy to build your own Connector to integrate with external APIs or services. Well, easy if you already use Excel for SEO.
  • Minor “helper” tools for the smaller or odd SEO-related functions that Excel is missing.

The price for all that? It’s pretty simple: €99 per machine per year.

And if you purchase multiple licenses, you get discounts per license!

If you’re not familiar with using Excel for site management and SEO, this will seem pretty complicated. And to be frank, it is.

But those who already do will find SEOTools for Excel fills a niche perfectly: Excel is already a powerful tool in the hands of professional online marketers, but it’s missing some of the things that make it perfect for experts.

11. TheSEOTools.net

The SEO Tools

Remember when I talked about Smallseotools.com earlier?

And how it aimed to provide affordable (meaning, free) SEO tools to people who aren’t into premium SEO suites?

Well, you can think of The SEO Tools as a sort of sibling or cousin.

Check this out:

The SEO Tools Net

Essentially, theseotools.net is a list of FREE SEO tools. You’ve just got to go to the site, pick the one you want, and use it.

Here’s some of what’s offered:


  • Most basic SEO tools, like website reviewers, keyword suggestions, backlink finders and backlink makers, general Meta Tag generators and analyzers, and more.
  • Website screenshot generator
  • Checkers for: Google Index, page speed, page authority, domain authority, website link counts, social stats, and more.
  • Domain related tools, like domain age checkers and Whois checkers.
  • Content related tools: Grammar checks, word counters, keyword position checkers, and plagiarism and article spinner tools.

So, the price range—am I sure it’s free?

Yes, I am. You can find out for yourself by going to the site and trying any of the tools!

12. Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software is one of the more uniquely structured items on this list.

Most of the items here basically offer all-in-one tool, host a lot of separate tools on their sites, or have a tool that focuses on a particular part of the SEO process.

But Netpeak?

Netpeak offers TWO separate SEO-related software for two parts of the SEO process:

Netpeak Software

So it’s not an all-in-one tool, and you may use one or both as you wish.

Netpeak Spider is site audit software, and Netpeak Checker is for website comparison and URL analysis.

Here are some of the highlights (keep in mind it’s split between the different softwares):


  • Netpeak Checker: includes over 380 parameters for checking URLs.
  • Netpeak Checker: Use list of proxies and captcha solving services as you handle large numbers of URLs
  • Netpeak Checker: research backlink profiles and social media performance.
  • Netpeak Spider: can look at over 50 on-page SEO parameters for the sites you crawl
  • Netpeak Spider: Set custom rules for crawling the entire website or parts of it

So, as I’ve said, Netpeak Checker and Netpeak Spider are two different tools—which means you can’t buy one thing that has both.

So, they have separate pricing as well. However, the two products have THE SAME tiered prices.

Every tier is fully featured—there aren’t more expensive versions with more features. Instead, price depends on the length of time you want to commit.

One year of service breaks down to $15.20 a month (billed $182.40), and you can buy for 6 months, 3 months, or one month.

At the other end, 1 month of service is only $19.00, which means that the whole range of the products’ pricing is between $15 and $19 a month!

In short, Netpeak Software offers two separate products that focus on different parts of the SEO process—and they’re priced quite reasonably.

13. SEO Tools Centre

This one is less well known:

Ever heard of SEO Tools Centre (also known as SEOToolsCentre)?

Well, I didn’t know much either. The gist of SeoToolsCentre is that it’s in the same vein as TheSEOTools.net and Smallseotools.com.

…But, it’s a little less well established. Here’s the about page:

SEO Tools Center

So, y’know, it’s not the most professional or reputable looking website around. BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Because like the other items I mentioned, SEOToolsCentre lets you use a bunch of separate, smaller tools which are hosted on its site.

So you know the drill. Here are some of the features:


  • Most basic SEO tools are included.
  • In addition to an article spinner tool, there’s also a sentence rewriter and a paraphrase tool.
  • Interestingly, there’re not only grammar and spelling checkers for English—but a grammar checker for German as well.
  • Search engine spider simulator (in other words, a basic crawl tool of your site).
  • A text to speech converter, article density checker, image optimizer, and Urdu typing tool.

So by now you are probably used to this stuff: this is free, right?

I mean, it has to be, after seeing that about page?!

Actually…not fully.

See, all the tools I mentioned—which cover basically the same types of tools as the related websites I mentioned—ARE free.

But, SEOToolsCentre also has a premium membership option. What does it offer?

To be honest, no idea. They have some serious problems with their website, so it won’t display what a premium plan consists of.

…So effectively it’s free! And for all the issues the site may have…no need to complain about free SEO tools!

14. Web CEO

Okay, after that last item, WebCEO will be a bit of a contrast.

Because where SEOToolsCentre was a little sketchy appearing and full of free stuff…Web CEO is VERY well-established and very premium as well.

It’s been around since 2000—meaning nearly TWO DECADES, making it one of the oldest SEO services in the business.

Its customers are spread around over 150 different countries, and Web CEO even delivers services in 24 different languages. So this should be no surprise:

Web Ceo

Okay, but what does Web CEO do?

To put it briefly: it’s another one of those all-in-one SEO suites. It has over 17 tools, but they can be broadly split into four categories:

Site audit tools, link building tools, social metrics tools, and marketing analytics tools.

Here are some of the stronger and less common features:


  • All the fundamentals you expect of an all-in-one SEO suite.
  • Site audit tools include: a tool for optimizing internal links, in addition to all the other aspects of a site audit (SEO analysis, technical analysis, etc).
  • Choose to monitor certain links.
  • Competitor backlink spying.
  • Content submission tool lets you access a lot of different types of sites: over 30 local sites and directories, 10 shopping search engines, 35 blog communities, etc.
  • Web buzz monitoring: lets you track hot topics in your industry, monitor your brand’s reputation on social media, blogs, and news sites, and the ability to check Twitter buzz for your target keywords.
  • White label report generation that is customizable, so you can just slap your company’s logo/name on the thing and send it off to your clients.
  • Reports come in lots of different languages and can be translated from English.

Such a well-established SEO tool suite has got to be expensive, right?

Well…it’s in the normal price range for premium SEO options, but with a more affordable entry point.

Here’s how WebCEO’s pricing structure breaks down:

There are four tiers, which can be paid for monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you pay monthly, the first tier (Solo) starts at $39 a month and has limited features.

The high end, corporate, is $299 a month and is as fully featured as WebCEO allows.

If you pay annually, the entry level is just $29 a month and Corporate (the fourth tier) is $225 a month.

So, it’s not really much higher than the average—and it’s certainly a fully featured SEO suite. No wonder Web CEO is so popular.

15. Ninja Tools

Ninja Tools

Describing Ninja Tools is a little difficult, especially compared to all these other names I’ve talked about.

See, Ninja Tools isn’t quite an all-in-one suite of tools. But it IS more than just a single tool, or a directory of hosted and separate SEO tools.

It’s a package of SEO tools—a suite—but it’s not everything you need. Very interesting.

Ninja Tools

So, the specific tools matter a lot here. In fact, the MAIN attraction of Ninja Tools is the featured snippet optimization tool, and its other well-developed tools.

Ninja Tools is more like a set of quality, specific tools than a general toolbox. Here’s some more about those tools:


  • Feature Snippet Optimization Tool: this is something that Ninja Tools really innovated. Google featured snippets are super important, but they’re hard to capture. This tool simplifies the process and basically lets you gain snippet positions in the results page.
  • The above tool also incorporates data from the “searches related to” section at the bottom of search results.
  • It also incorporates data from the “people also ask” Google function.
  • Video SEO tool: this lets you find which of your ranking keywords return video results, look at competitor data (including on YouTube and their video engagement) so you can boost your rankings with your videos.
  • The Ninja Backlink Tool: monitors your backlink profile and pulls data from TONS of sources.
  • Ninja Tools also has a free tool for viewing mobile source code. They’ll probably come up with more free tools in the future, so stay tuned!
  • The parent company, Internet Marketing Ninjas, has a separate site with WAY more FREE SEO tools.

Well, that last point is a bit of good news for you budgeters out there—a free tool! But, of course, the other quality tools that Ninja Tools provides are NOT free.

Unfortunately, it’s a little complicated.

See, the Ninja Tools package includes the Video SEO tool and Featured Snippet Optimization (which includes “people also ask,” and “searches related to” tools) as ONE package.

The backlink tool, however, you’d have to buy from the parent company: Internet Marketing Ninjas.

So, the first product—which is a minor suite of tools—has three tiers: Expert, Pro, and Enterprise.

Expert is $4.99 a month, or $49.90 a year, and Enterprise is $349 a month or $3,490 per year.

Whether you pay monthly or yearly will only affect your prices by a few bucks at most.

Okay, and the backlink tools?

They’re on the parent company’s site, as are a few more free tools!

Looks like Ninja Tools is one of the most unique items on this list.

16. SERPs.com

If you had to guess what SERPs.com is about, what would it be?

Okay, just kidding. A gentle reminder if you skimmed through the beginning of this list: SERPs means Search Engine Results Page. It’s the thing we all see just about every time we’re on the internet.

So SERPs is all about boosting your…well, place in search engine results!

And it does a pretty good job. Here’re some of the notable clients:


Now, you might be wondering what exactly SERPs is offering.

It’s basically a suite of tools, but it’s on the simpler side. That’s not bad! It also has some more unique features thrown in.

Here’re some feature highlights:


  • A simple, user-friendly dashboard that still shows tons of information.
  • SERPs DataLab lets you look at BILLIONS of daily SERP data with a user-friendly interface. You can also build custom reports out of it.
  • Developer-friendly API lets you feed daily rankings into your own reporting system.
  • Add-on for Google Sheets.
  • White Labeling feature that is pretty customizable.
  • Local rankings at city or zip-code level, and rankings for mobile, desktop, and tablets.
  • 400 different combinations of Google and Yahoo rankings by country and language.
  • All the basic features you expect of a comprehensive SEO suite, although there’s less of a focus on site auditing and backlinks.
  • Parent company (Authority Labs) has a decent set of trustworthy free tools!

So, here’s how paying for this stuff works:

There are three tiers: Small Business, Agency, and Enterprise. Enterprise has custom pricing, but the other two don’t.

Small Business is $49 a month and is limited to 300 keywords, 5 sites, and 1 user account.

Agency is $99 a month, has up to 1,000 keywords, has the full white-label feature, and unlimited sites and users.

Some may appreciate having a simpler choice!

But even if it’s out of your budget, you shouldn’t neglect the free tools provided by the parent company!

17. Ahrefs


Ah, Ahrefs! (Get it?)

A few of the names I’ve talked about have been pretty well-established. They have thousands or even millions of clients, including some high profile names.

Well, Ahref is CERTAINLY up there.

Since its founding in 2011, Ahrefs has grown to a very powerful SEO software service.

Just take a look at that client list, and tell me it isn’t impressive:


Ahrefs is basically another all-in-one SEO suite. But the unique part is that Ahrefs is super powerful, not only because of its strong tools, but its large resources.

Here’s a look at what I’m talking about:


  • Ahrefs’ resources are MASSIVE: Ahrefs crawls 5 billion pages a day, has an index of 16 TRILLION known links, and 3 TRILLION known URLs.
  • Organic search reports let you look at how your competitors are ranking, what pages drive the most traffic to their sites, and it’s all powered by data on hundreds of millions of keywords.
  • On that note, the keywords explorer has all the usual keyword-related tools I’ve talked about (keyword difficulty, keyword generation, etc) but it’s powered by a database of over 3 billion keywords.
  • Backlink data, again, from billions of crawled pages.
  • Content research, which looks at multiple things (social media, organic search traffic, backlinks, etc).
  • Rank tracking that gets highly specific and detailed as you wish.
  • The ability to set alerts when you or your competitors win/lose backlinks.
  • Customer support is very robust, some of the best offered by SEO software.

Okay, clearly, Ahrefs has an insane amount of data being used. That’s got to cost something, right?

…Yeah, definitely. Ahrefs has four tiers, which can be paid monthly or yearly.

Paid monthly, the price ranges from $99 a month (Lite) to $999 a month (Agency).

Paid yearly, the price ranges from $82 a month to $832 a month.

So yeah, the starting price is on the steeper side, but it’s still pretty well-featured. And frankly, anything that takes advantage of Ahrefs’ massive databases are going to warrant some higher prices.

18. Moz


It’s difficult to stress how big of a deal Moz is in the world of SEO software.

Here’s how I can best put it into perspective:

Quite a few of the names on this list have bragged about how they include access to Moz’s resources.

So clearly, Moz itself is a force to contend with. No wonder its client list is also impressive:


So, as you can see, Moz is another all-in-one SEO suite. There are four main areas of the suite: site audit tools, rank tracking, backlink tools, and keyword research tools.


  • Like the previous entry, Moz has massive amounts of data to pull from: 35 TRILLION indexed links, 7 million SERPs analyzed a day, 500 million keyword suggestions through the keyword tool.
  • The site audits are not only comprehensive, but fast. Plus, Moz has automatic weekly crawls and alerts you to new issues.
  • On-page and content optimization.
  • Link building and research tools also let you make Link Tracking Lists that make it super easy to keep track of your goals and progress.
  • Very easy and highly customizable report generator.
  • Great onboarding and educational resources.

So, another powerful and reputable all-in-one SEO toolset. What’s the cost this time?

Moz has four tiers with set prices, plus an enterprise plan with custom prices and features. They can be paid monthly or yearly.

If paid monthly, the price range is from $99 a month to $599 a month. Paid yearly, the range goes down: from $79 a month to $479 a month.

You know how it goes: for some businesses, this will be the perfect SEO solution, and for others, it’ll be overkill.

19. SEMrush

SEM Rush

So, the last two names on this list have been big, well-established, used by the world’s biggest brands, and have tons of resources.

SEMrush…well, it’s just like the last two.

Founded in 2008, as a small startup, SEMrush has grown to have 6 offices in four different countries, with over 650 employees.

And it’s got its share of famous clients, too:

SEM Rush

So, as you can guess, the gist for SEMrush is that it’s another all-in-one SEO suite. It has basically everything you need, but its tools can get even more in-depth than usual.


  • All the basics you’re used to—site audits, technical SEO audits, keyword generation, etc.
  • The backlink tools pay extra attention to whether .edu or .gov sites are referring to your site, plus really insightful reports on geographical sources.
  • Social media tools not only have in-depth reporting and analysis, but also let you create content and schedule it to 5 different social networks.
  • Great content marketing tools that can generate trending topic ideas and shared calendars for your team.
  • Analytics Reports for a million different things, quickly generated and easy-to-read charts for comparing sites, the ability to generate custom reports, and more.

As SEMrush, like the last two items, is a very comprehensive SEO package, you’d be right to expect higher prices.

SEMrush has three tiers with fixed prices plus an Enterprise plan with custom pricing. You can pay monthly or annually—you know the drill.

Paid monthly, the price range is $99.95 to $399.95 a month. Paid annually, it’s $83.28 to $333.28 a month.

So SEMrush isn’t too different from its quality SEO suite peers.

20. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a nice change of pace after those intense SEO solutions I just covered.

See, Ubersuggest isn’t a suite of tools, or even a couple of tools. Ubersuggest doesn’t even have its own website—it’s a single tool hosted by Neil Patel’s website.

Sounds sketch? It’s not. Neil Patel is one of the most acclaimed entrepreneurs and marketers in the world.

Earlier, I said Ubersuggest is one tool. Technically speaking, it is: it’s one search bar on Neil Patel’s website.

BUT, in practice, Ubersuggest can be used for multiple things, and has a few different tools. So it’s kind of like a mini multi-tool.


  • Keyword idea generator and an overview of the search term.
  • Content ideas as well!
  • When entering a domain, Ubersuggest also becomes a traffic and SEO rank analyzer.
  • The SEO checker provides a solid list of errors/issues to be worked on.
  • Traffic analyzer also looks at top pages and keywords.
  • Site Audit tool that takes at most a few minutes and reveals a lot of information quite simply.
  • Backlinks tool, similar to the site audit in structure and speed.

Look, let’s be real—is this tool basic compared to the fancy-schmancy all-in-one software?

Definitely. But the truth is, this is probably one of the best free SEO tools on the market. That’s right—it’s completely free.

And besides that, it’s easy to use, informative, and trustworthy.

21. AnswerThePublic

Answer the public

AnswerThePublic is on the same note as Ubersuggest—it’s a smaller tool that’s still pretty reputable.

But oh boy…is it one of the more unique items here. It’s got a definite focus on a certain aspect of SEO, which makes it easy to figure out.

No point in beating around the bush. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Answer the public

AnswerThePublic can be thought of as an infographic generator for search engine data. That’s an oversimplification, and there are differences between the free and paid versions, but that’s the gist!


  • Overall, creates data visualizations and infographics for the key words terms you enter.
  • Involves a lot of information and data, so it’s not useless—but the infographics really help make it easier to digest.
  • Compare data and see new suggestions.
  • Language and location based results.
  • The ability to save reports!
  • Unlimited team members.
  • Higher quality images, and the ability to hide sections you don’t want.

Okay, I’ve got to be a little bit of a downer here—no, AnswerThePublic is not ENTIRELY free. Most of those features I listed are for the paid version.

If you go with the paid version, it’s $99 a month. To be honest, it sounds a little steep to me, but hey—plenty of people are just fine with it.

Luckily, you can use the free version. There’s a limited number of searches, and you can’t do side-by-side comparisons or most of the things the paid version does…but you can still do the fundamentals for free!

22. WooRank


I’m gonna close off this list of SEO tools with WooRank.

WooRank is a pretty large SEO software suite—nowadays, it’s registered more than a million users.

It’s not the biggest SEO software company out there, but it’s still pretty notable.

So like I said, WooRank is a suite of tools. But, it’s on the smaller side. It might technically be an all-in-one tool, but it’s not as encompassing as some of the others here.

That said, it does offer a lot.


  • Keyword tool is fairly sophisticated.
  • WooRanks Projects: lets you basically download data as a report and customize it.
  • Site Crawl/audit.
  • Constant SEO monitoring of your site, including email reports and health/uptime monitoring. Overall, WooRank puts a lot of emphasis on the SEO checker.
  • On that note, you can try the SEO checker for free!
  • WooRank has a special emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. That’s not to say the tools aren’t powerful, but they’re particularly usable.
  • Sales tools let you create reports and reviews of sites to send off to customers or prospective clients.
  • Lead Gen tool helps you automate those sales tools earlier.

See what I mean? Even though WooRank has got a lot going on, it’s not as comprehensive as the all-out, all-in-one tool sets I’ve covered.

So hopefully, it’s less expensive than those, right?

Actually, yeah! There are three tiers: Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. All of them have preset prices.

They come in from $59.99 a month to $249.99 a month, and vary in features—though pleasantly, the Pro tier isn’t even that limited.



I’ve been talking a lot about all-in-one tools so far. Well, brace yourself:

Because Bavoko is another all-in-one SEO tool. But do you know what sets Bavoko apart?


Bavoko WP Plugin

Bavoko is a WordPress Plugin!

This means that it’s a great tool for WordPress sites in particular, and can integrate seamlessly into your WordPress management.

Here’s some of what Bavoko does:


  • Content optimizer tools let you optimize your pages and posts as much as possible. The tools are attached to the top of every post in the WordPress editor.
  • Keyword search up to 25,000 keywords via Google Search Console. Bavoko provides lots of data and insights on the keywords.
  • Integrated onpage crawler provides quick (and detailed) reporting on content, make quick edits to meta titles and descriptions, etc.
  • Backlink analysis and a disavow tool for removing spam links.
  • Bavoko actually offers detailed page speed analyses, which is great because your site’s speed boosts your search rankings (and is more pleasant for your visitors).

You’re probably wondering how much this all costs. Well, luckily, Bavoko is one of the more affordable SEO tool sets available.

Specifically, the first plan is FREE! Even if they’re limited, free SEO tools are always nice to know about.

The paid plans have enough features to really be considered a toolkit, and those range from $19.99 a month (Professional) to $99.99 (Business). And of course, there are enterprise options too with custom pricing!

Overall, Bavoko is an all-in-one tool, but it’s on the smaller side and is particularly geared towards WordPress sites.

Conclusion: which SEO tool do I recommend?

If you’ve read through this whole list—congrats! Do you remember any of the names?

Jokes aside, let me tell you which of these tools I recommend. They all have enough advantages to be worth mentioning, but we can still narrow it down from 23.

Of course…there isn’t a single tool that will fit all sizes. I have a few recommendations:

Unsurprisingly, the SEO tools that have specific focuses are pretty good for their areas. For example:

Bavoko is especially great for those extensively using WordPress, and SEOTools for Excel is good for Excel users.

AnswerThePublic is great if you want to generate flashy infographics and reports, and NinjaTools is great for a focus on feature snippet optimization.

And while I wouldn’t always recommend businesses use free SEO tools, they certainly can be great.

So for those, I’d say Ubersuggest is one of the best free SEO tools, and Smallseotools.com and TheSEOTools.net are good directories of free tools as well.

And for the big guns—businesses that need really reliable all-in-one SEO tools:

I’d say Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz are probably among the best, because they have the best resources, reputations, and well-built tools. Though Woorank and Mangools are also pretty solid!

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. We’re here to help!

Remember that we have some resources that can help you get started with some of the basics—important fundamentals that boost your search engine page ranking!

As website performance definitely affects your ranking, you can use our uptime calculator to see what uptime really means for your site.

Plus, we can check if your site, or your competitor’s, is down, and tell you what their host is—that way you can check off some of the fundamentals!

SEO is complex, but it can be made easier using the software I listed and recommended. And if you want to know more—just ask us!

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