61+ Best Lorem Ipsum Generators of 2023 (Hand-Picked Collection)

Srotareneg muspI merol…unable to understand my words? Well, don’t worry.  It is actually the word ‘lorem ipsum generators’ spelt backwards.

The basic idea here is to draw attention to the design and not the content.

Are you thinking that ‘ why would someone love to write a thing which does not have any meaning?’

Well, this drives us to an interesting topic of dummy words ‘ lorem Ipsum’

So let’s start.

What is lorem Ipsum?

In simple words it is the dummy text or the filler text used by the designers to display the layout.

Who uses lorem Ipsum?

Graphic designers use lorem ipsum in designing. This helps to draw attention to the layout rather than the content itself. They want to show how the design will look with images and text after adding the content.

So here is the EXHAUSTIVE list of Lorem Ipsum generators we spend hours to find it from the Net.

For your simplicity we have classified it into different categories.

Happy Hunting!
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9 Best Free Accounting Software to Know in 2023 (No.1 is Awesome)

Solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners are looking to save on bookkeeping and accounting services. But, they have to admit that without a software it is going to be difficult.

According to CPA Practice Advisor, cost is one of the factors that hinder companies from purchasing accounting software.

Yet only 18% of SMBs are still without one.
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12 Best A/B Testing Tools For 2023 (No.3 is Awesome)

Are you looking for the top A/B testing tools on the market today? You’re in the right place.

These days, the only way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your landing pages, social media ads, digital content and website pages, is to test them.

Something as small as the wrong word in your title, or the wrong color on your CTA button could mean the difference between a sale, and cart abandonment.

A/B testing tools are how you check that every component of your digital assets, from fonts through to graphics, is working as it should be.

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7 Best Cloud Gaming Services for 2023 (No. 3 is Our Favorite)

So, you want to play video games.

Not a colorful puzzle from your smartphone’s app store.

We’re talking about high-powered games—ones that are meant to involve you seriously.

They usually have beautiful graphics, immersive campaign/story modes and/or well-developed multiplayer.

But unfortunately, playing such games can quickly add up:

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9 Best Forum Software for Creating Online Community in 2023

Want to meet computer geeks or like-minded people who share the same interests as you do? Forum is the answer then.

Forum software allows you to make a community platform where you can share opinions in the form of posts and messages.

Forums allow you to discuss the problems that you face in something you are working on and see what people think about it. “Discuss – Try – Resolve” your errors and also “Participate – Offer Solutions – Get Appreciated” by helping others to find a solution.

Forum is all about this. We have enlisted a few of the best forum software that allows you to create an online community. Take a look…

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16 Best Free Form Builder Tools for 2023 (Personally Tested)

Are you looking for a reliable tool that would help you create powerful and user-friendly forms to increase work productivity? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you find the perfect form maker for your website.

Meant to easily create, share forms, and collect data, these 16 free online forms builders are worth checking for.
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13 Best FREE Help Desk Software & Ticketing Software in 2023

Managing your customer service relation with the right help desk software can be the do-or-die of building customer loyalty.

Today’s customers are extremely demanding and can be unforgiving. They want information and responses to their queries on the fly. They savor an interactive and responsive relationship between themselves and those with whom they do business.

According to a Forrester report, 53% of the adult US online shoppers are likely to skip out on their orders if they can’t get immediate answers to their queries while shopping.

Customer satisfaction is key, but never underestimate the benefits of equipping your staff with the right tools to execute their duties. Here are our top pick ticketing systems for 2020.
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9 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses (2023)

Online businesses benefit a lot from marketing automation technology. It is a type of platform designed to effectively use different channels for online marketing purposes.

One of the key benefits of utilizing marketing automation tools is that it allows you to send highly tailored email campaigns to all your customers and potential customers in an instant.

This article will give you a preview of the best marketing automation software available in the market. You will be able to know which software benefits your business more in terms of usability, functionality, and affordability.  Continue reading “9 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses (2023)”

23 Best SEO Tools to Boost Site Marketing in 2023

Good search engine optimization (SEO) is everything.

Because if you want people to see your site, buy products from your store, or read your content—you’ll want people to find your site through search engines.

Okay, you probably know that. But:

You might be wondering why you need to know about SEO tools—isn’t as simple as Googling around and being sure to use certain words that seem likely to bring searches?

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