61+ Best Lorem Ipsum Generators of 2023 (Hand-Picked Collection)

Srotareneg muspI merol…unable to understand my words? Well, don’t worry.  It is actually the word ‘lorem ipsum generators’ spelt backwards.

The basic idea here is to draw attention to the design and not the content.

Are you thinking that ‘ why would someone love to write a thing which does not have any meaning?’

Well, this drives us to an interesting topic of dummy words ‘ lorem Ipsum’

So let’s start.

What is lorem Ipsum?

In simple words it is the dummy text or the filler text used by the designers to display the layout.

Who uses lorem Ipsum?

Graphic designers use lorem ipsum in designing. This helps to draw attention to the layout rather than the content itself. They want to show how the design will look with images and text after adding the content.

So here is the EXHAUSTIVE list of Lorem Ipsum generators we spend hours to find it from the Net.

For your simplicity we have classified it into different categories.

Happy Hunting!


1) Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake IpsumI am sure the word ‘black forest pastry’ creates hunger pangs for you. If you want your readers to be hungry while reading, you will surely love this.Cupcake Ipsum tested

The user has the option to choose paragraphs from long, medium to short. You may also add a few Latin words to it like ‘Cupcake Ipsum dolor sit amet .’

2) Cheese Ipsum

Cheese IpsumWhen we were kids, we used to eat the cheese on the pizza first. If your love for cheese is still the same then this tool is surely for you.Cheese Ipsum tested

So go ahead, order the paragraph of your desired words and give it a cheesy flavor.

3) Baconi ipsum

Bacon IpsumIf you have finished eating cakes and cheese and want to eat something tangy, here it is. This tool will provide you meaty ipsum.Bacon Ipsum demo

You can add a little spice to the meat if you wish and generate more spicy paragraph.

4) Tuna Ipsum

Tuna IpsumGive a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. With this tool you will have loads of fish Ipsum which can feed you for a lifetime.Tuna Ipsum tested

5) Veggie Ipsum

Veggie IpsumVeggie lovers, please don’t get disappointed. We have enough sprouts and broccoli for you too! The only thing is that you get 407 words self-generated which are unable to change.

6) Cheeseburger Ipsum

Cheeseburger Ipsum or testedWhile too much of cheese in diet can make you obese, a little bit of it in lorem ipsum will keep your eyes on the text. Try it out for yourself, it’s amazing!

7) Coffee ipsum

Coffee Ipsum or tested“ Coffee helps us to build tolerance”. So if you wish to make your readers a little more tolerant you can try this coffee Ipsum.

Let’s get back to the office now, we have had enough of everything.


8) Office Ipsum

office ipsumWell, with this tool you have three choices. You can choose from the three alternatives. You may use the official language. If it sounds a bit formal to you, use a feedback tone. You may also use Latin if you want.Office Ipsum tested

9) Blind text generator

Blind Text GeneratorIf you are a kind of person who loves creativity at work then this tool will win your heart. It has different fonts, words, characters, and languages to choose from.Blind Text Generator tested

We tested for Lorem ipsum of 100 words consisting of two paragraphs and it was perfectly well.

10) Free formatter

FreeFormatter.com Lorem Ipsum GeneratorWhat comes to your mind when you read the words ‘ free formatter’? Yes, you can have any number of styles and paragraphs you wish to have.FreeFormatter.com Lorem Ipsum Generator tested

11) Bob Ross Ipsum

Bob Ross IpsumIf your Pinterest account has a collection of quotes then this one is a perfect tool to keep you engaged. You can get many quotes here as lorem ipsum.Bob Ross Ipsum tested

12) Khaled Ipsum

Khaled Ipsum or testedAre you tired of surfing the boring web pages and files, then this one is a sure shot for you. You will refresh your mind by reading the ‘keys’ for everything.

13) Web 2.0 Ipsum

Web 2.0 Ipsum or testedIf you don’t want to understand any word written here then only go for this tool.

14) Trollem Ipsum

Trollem Ipsum or testedWhen you are at the office do you often get hooked up in arguing with others? Are you the one who wins the argument? If arguing is your stuff then this Ipsum will keep you engrossed.

15) Mainer Ipsum

Mainer Ipsum testedIf you are a Mainer and love to mash up English with Latin then you will surely love this Ipsum.Mainer Ipsum tested

The best part is you can choose the number of paragraphs you wish to have. Also in case, they have missed out something you can simply mail them and get it included. Cool.. isn’t it?

16) Corporate Ipsum

Corporate Ipsum or testedIf you usually use words like ‘Capitalize, leverage, synopsis’ then you should give this tool a try.

17) Monocle Ipsum

Monocle IpsumIn this tool, you will get different Ipsums for the business class and the economy class. Please check out this amazing tool.Monacle Ipsum or tested

18) Random text generator

Random Text Generator or testedIf you need a simple text to fill the content gap then this tool is a must-try for you. It is very simple to operate.

19) Wiki Ipsum

Wik IpsumIs it your habit to make sense out of everything?Do you love to read and learn? Is Wikipedia your favorite page when you want information about something? If yes, then you will feel blessed with this tool.

Well, what if you don’t go to an office but you are professional?

Do we have any lorem Ipsum for professionals? The answer is ‘yes’

Stay tuned.


20) Legal Ipsum

Legal IpsumThis Ipsum suits you if you are in the legal profession. It uses the daily used in legal language. For example the words like ‘advocate, judgment, appeal’.

Legal Ipsum tested

21) Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator Are you a web designer, graphic designer? If yes, then you will definitely love lorem Ipsum with many italic, bold and HTML tags. Which one is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments section.Lorem Ipsum Generator tested

22) Hairy Ipsum

Hairy IpsumWhen was the last time you had a haircut? Do you search for apps in Google Play which can depict you in different hairstyles?This ipsum will hairfy your need…

23) Baseball Ipsum

Baseball Ipsum“Ruth, Mays, Aaron and Cobb” are well known baseball players. If they excite you and give you an adrenaline rush then you will love baseball ipsum tool.
Baseball Ipsum tested

24) Skate Ipsum

Skate Ipsum or testedIs skating is your favorite sport? Do you love to play Tony Hawk video games? Then spin, jump and twist your ipsum with this awesome tool.

Are you tired of reading and understanding then we have something nonsense coming up for you. Flee your mind from thoughts and relax with this latin tools.


25) Hipsum

hipsum“Lorem Ipsum dolor amet “ if these are the words you love, then you will be more than happy with this tool.hipsum tested

26) Monocle Ipsum

Monocle IpsumIn this tool you can generate as many paragraphs of latin Ipsum as you want. It offers two categories business class and economy class.Monacle Ipsum or tested

By the way, to a non latin user it won’t make any difference whichever class you use.

27) Lipsum

IpsumThe best part about this tool is that you get a choice to generate the text in 40 different languages.

28) Procato Lipsum

Procato.com LipsumThis tool has a huge list of 350 latin words. It gives you the option to generate numbered ipsum or plain an unordered list.Procato.com Lipsum tested

29) Loripsum.net

Loripsum.netAre you extra cautious about your work and do not want to use any abusive words in your text then this tool is a boon for you. In the prude version of this tool you can generate text without the abusive words .Loripsum.net tested

30) Lipsum pro

Lipsum.proDo you think the above is a blank web page? Think again and scroll down. You get a choice to select number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs.Lipsum.pro tested

31) Lorizzle

LorizzleHere you won’t much choice about the number of words or paragraphs. But if you are fond of Latin then it is a must try.

32) Pommy Ipsum

Pommy Ipsum or testedThis tool gives you to choose 11 paragraphs drafted in Latin language with a <p> tag.

33) Bavaria Ipsum

Bavaria IpsumThe cool feature about this tool is that you can use the lorem ipsum word used to re -tweet on twitter.

This option is available only in Grantln and not Schmarrn type ipsum.

If you click on that particular word, you can straight-a-way tweet about it. Cool isn’t it?Bavaria Ipsum tested

34) Get Lorem

Get Lorem or testedThe lorem ipsum generated is unique. It is free of repetition and also resembles readable text as much as possible. So if you are fond of being unique and don’t like to copy, this tool is for you.

35) Generate It

Generate ItIn this tool, you will be able to generate as many paragraphs of Latin as you want with <p> tags if you wish.

36) Jipsum

Jipsum or testedHere you have the option of generating simple text or in paragraphs with or without HTML tags.

37) Random Text

Random Text Generator or testedJust as the name suggests, it generates text in Latin and English language mixture. The unique part about it is that it includes an API to return content in JSON format.

Tired of latin? Most of us love to watch movies and dramas. Don’t you think it will be amazing if we could add more characters and amusement to lorem Ipsum?

Here is a list of some amusing, drama & TV related lorem ipsums which will lighten up your spirits.


38) Fillerama

Fillerama or testedIf you love to watch popular TV shows like Dexter, Futurama then probably you will like this tool. It takes scripts from popular TV shows and mixes them up with other text. The nice part about it is that you can select a TV show from which you want to copy the script.

39) Sagan Ipsum

Sagan Ipsum or tested“Destiny decides something”. Do you believe in this statement? If yes, then this Ipsum will interest you. Astronomer Carl Sagan has inspired this text.

40) Bluth Ipsum

Bluth Ipsum“Why are you squeezing me with your body (a hug)?” — Michael

Do you remember and cherish this dialogue from the ‘Arrested Development’ series? Then this Ipsum will keep you entertained.

But you cannot customize the text generated into a specific number of paragraphs.

41) Lit Ipsum

Lit IpsumDo you like books like “ Pride and Prejudice, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”? Then you will love this Ipsum. It uses some of the text from these books to generate Ipsum.Lit Ipsumtested

42) Samuel L. Ipsum

Samuel L. IpsumAre you eagerly waiting for the release of the horror film “ The Organ Donor”? Samuel plays the role of Marcus in it. Do you love his character and dialogues? Then this Ipsum will keep you entertained.Samuel L. Ipsum tested

43) Heisenberg Ipsum

Heisenberg IpsumIf you are a fan of popular TV series ‘ Breaking Bad’ whose dialogue would you like to imitate? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could include some of it in your text of lorem Ipsum? This tool gives you the perfect chance to do so.Heisenberg Ipsum

44) Picksum Ipsum

Picksum IpsumFamous dialogues from Cane, Carrey, and Eastwood and makes the Ipsum text entertaining.

We could not test it for generating the words.

45) Vatican Assassin

Vatican Assassin or testedThis tool generates paragraphs and sentences depending on our needs.

46) Malevole Ipsum

Malevole Ipsum or testedIf you love words which rhyme then we urge you to have a look at this Ipsum. You can generate any number of paragraphs and exit the boring life of the ‘ texts’. Make your text more melodious and rhyming.

The tool uses only one TV show script to prepare the lorem ipsum text. That is the most peculiar characteristic of this tool.

47) Busey Ipsum

Busey Ipsum or testedAn ardent fan of William Gary Busey will surely cherish this tool.

48) Riker Ipsum

Riker Ipsum or testedThe best part of it, without even specifying the number of lines or quotes you need, you can go on generating it. All fans of William Riker must dive in.

49) Delorean Ipsum

Delorean Ipsum or testedIt uses quotes from famous TV series ‘From black to future’. You can select the character of your choice and generate Ipsum relating to the same.

50) Rick and Morty Ipsum

Rick and Morty Ipsum or testedIf humor is your cup of tea then surely this Ipsum from an adult animated science fiction will drive you crazy.

51) Pahu

Pahu or testedEveryone is fond of hearing stories. If you are one of them, then this text will keep you glued to screens. You can choose from two different stories and different language options.

Well, you might like to mimic certain stars sometime and entertain yourself.

What if we had a text which could mimic the famous personalities and create humor for us, wouldn’t it be great?

So here we present certain Character bases ipsums which will give you a good laugh.


52) Zombie Ipsum

Zombie Ipsum or testedWant to get horrified and jitters while reading? Then, try this out.

53) Hodor Ipsum

Hodor Ipsum or testedIf you want a lorem ipsum consisting of words that do not make any sense then surely try this tool. It will give the same result each time, ‘HODOR’

54) Pirate Ipsum

pirateipsumAre you scared to travel by sea due to the fear of pirates? Do you love to hear the stories of pirates, then this tool is a must-try for you.

By the way, Edward Teach “Blackbeard” is the best pirate of all times.

We could not generate the test results for the same.

55) Obama Ipsum

Obama Ipsum or testedIf you love to hear the speech of Obama, then this Ipsum will interest you.

56) deGrasse Ipsum

deGrasse Ipsum or testedThis one is pretty good is writing a personal stuff on paper- a personal philosophy. At times you might feel that you are also having the same views about something.

Well, what according to you relaxes you the most after you return home from work? I guess you said family and pets.

How cool it would be if you could relax a bit in the office too? Here we present some Ipsums especially related to pets which can relax you.


57) Cat Ipsum

Cat IpsumYou will feel like scratching your keyboard after trying the cat Ipsum. It will remind you of your pet cat every time you read it.Cat Ipsum tested

58) Doggo ipsum

Doggo ipsum or testedDoes your dog welcome you after you reach home? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an Ipsum dedicated to your loyal pet? Try it out. Dog lovers will definitely love it.

What is the last thing you do every day before you go to bed? Did you answer

“ pray?” Prayer is one of the most essential parts of our lives which keeps us grounded to reality.

We have an extra bonus for all those who will continue reading this till the end.

So here is a list of some devotional ipsums which will help you to stay positive throughout the day.


59) The Godfather Ipsum

The Godfather Ipsum or testerJust choose the number of paragraphs you want to have and hit the enter button. A good spiritual text will be ready for you.

60) Dala Ipsum

Dala Ipsum or testedDo you love to read the teachings of the Dalai Lama? Then this tool will work wonders for you and create a positive aura around you.

61) Nietzsche Ipsum

Nietzsche Ipsum or testedThis one is also a good Ipsum if you really don’t wish to dig into great details of spirituality.

62) Bible Ipsum

Bible IpsumThis tool will give you psalms as ipsum and keep your faith in God alive. Try it out.Bible Ipsum tested

We have an extra bonus for all those who continued reading this till the end, just as we promised earlier.


63) Online Dating Ipsum

Online Dating IpsumYou have a choice to add as many sexy paragraphs as you wish.

P.s: How many did you add?Online Dating Ipsum tested

64) Borat Ipsum

Borat Ipsum or testedA person born in America, a true Patriot will surely love this tool with a bit of patriotism and sex language in it. Do try it for yourself.


So finally, we have listed 64 tools for lorem ipsum generated and I am sure you will bookmark some of them.

Do let us know how many sites you bookmarked in the comments section.

It will be an added advantage if you can add some more tools to this list, in case you know them.

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