5 Best G Suite Alternatives to Switch from It! (2023)

G Suite is the one that packages itself with cloud computing, collaborating tools, software, and products that were developed by Google Cloud first on 28 August 2006. It is considered to be a suite of web applications that was designed by Google for business purposes.

It is a collection of firm-based products like Gmail, docs, sheets, calendar, drive, photos, etc. ; on a subscription basis provided by Google.

In simple terms, if you are working in a business company, you all must have your email ids of that company. This is what G Suite does; it provides you with email addresses that can have your won company domain name.

Well, it is one such feature that has been supplied by G Suite. There are still a lot of features and apps that are available and are also being used by us.

Though G Suite has been providing multiple features and its services through Google, it is not still perfect. While it is so useful, it does not provide you with desktop apps that can be used on the computer even when you are offline.

Thus, if you are stuck at a place where there is less internet access, G Suite can not help you much. Also, there aren’t any built-in forms for your email; you have to use a third-party application for the same.

There can be many more other such G Suite flaws that question if it should be continued if you are working for a business. Here are some G Suite alternatives that can be thought of as an option.

1. Rackspace


Just like Google, Rackspace is also a global venture which is operating in around 150 countries. Looking for a simple email-based application, this is something you should be going with. Costing about $2.99 per month for a user, it is the cheapest one, and in comparison to G Suite, it is merely half the price.

It provides you with features like 25GB mailboxes, email recovery, 24×7 support for the customers, and most importantly, it includes email attachments to be as big as 50 MB which for G Suite is just 25 MB.

Though there is a con that you cannot share calendars or collaborate documents that were possible through G Suite. Yet it can be considered to be a great option.

Rackspace has many advantages which are as follows:

  • Rackspace provides 24×7 customer assistance to its users.
  • Rackspace can be beneficial for running small businesses with comparatively cheaper service.

Rackspace has several flaws which are as follows:

  • There is no OneCloud cloud storage associated with Rackspace. For availing OneCloud cloud storage, you need to buy a comparative expensive OneDrive Subscription.

2. Zoho


One of the most recommended alternatives of G Suite is Zoho. If your business is running out of budgets and you need to have a cheaper solution than G Suite, then Zoho is an excellent option. Costing only a dollar per month, Zoho provides you with all the access to your business emails.

It is considered to be developer-friendly and also gives you slack, the most used application in companies today in the price. Also, you get another creative feature of some at the same price as Zoho Cliq.

Zoho Cliq helps in increasing productivity and also keeps all of your employees connected in a loop. Some of its features include 5GB storage, 25MB attachments for email, chat supports,30GB cloud storage support, etc.

Zoho is a great name with several beneficial services such as:

  • Zoho has a separate chat system so that users can ask their queries accordingly. Also, there is file sharing as well as calendar scheduling for Zoho users.
  • It is one of the safest alternatives with Bullet resistant walls to protect the privacy of its users.

Zoho has some minor flaws, which are as follows:

  • Zoho provides excellent services, but the price associated with each service is a bit expensive. For availing 100 GB of storage space, you have to buy a Professional Plan, which is quite costly.

3. GoDaddy


We all have heard the name of GoDaddy as a web hosting company, and now have moved towards productivity services. The company has now started to provide services for production.

GoDaddy has also collaborated with Microsoft and offers in its program 365 of the Microsoft Office apps. The only drawback that it has is, it does not provide any messaging feature. So you have to rely on other apps for that.

It provides you with 1TB of cloud storage facility for storing your files and other stuff. Since GoDaddy has always been precise about its security, it will be the same way provided in emails also. Thus, it becomes an excellent option for G Suite as it offers unlimited emails, facilities, and Microsoft support as well.

GoDaddy has several advantages which are as follows:

  • Users can avail 24×7 call support if they witness any issues regarding the services provided.
  • As GoDaddy partners with Microsoft Office, it is a much better alternative in terms of providing unlimited email personalization.

GoDaddy fails in some parameters which are as follows:

  • GoDaddy doesn’t have its instant messaging app. In case you are stuck in a dire situation, you will have to look for Outlook as an option.

4. SamePage


SamePage is somewhat similar to G Suite when it comes to creating the contents and sharing, but it does not support email hosting. So if you are already using a third-party application to solve that purpose, SamePage is an excellent option to collaborate with.

It provides you with its suite of office apps like calendar, text editor, etc. and also lets you combine a team of people on a single document and make them work on the same. There are also comments, video call and chat options available in its office apps.

SamePage allows you to sync to your cloud, and thus you do not have to drag your dropbox, you have to link it, and that’s it. It is a place that lets you interact with all the third-party applications on a single page.

SamePage provides hassle-free services with several advantages which are as follows:

  • SamePage allows multiple people on the same document page for any alterations purpose. So, SamePage has no issues with the crashing of the system.
  • You can alternatively work with any third-party apps as well if you are using SamePage.
  • SamePage becomes a unified portal if you are using multiple services at a time.

SamePage has contains one problem associated:

  • SamePage does not offer any email hosting to its users.

5. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Looking for an all-rounder that contains all the features like that of G Suite? Well here is the one. Office 365 by Microsoft is a bunch of all the tools and services that are required for your business.

It lets you create your personalized email with the official domain name as the others for communicating all over the world with a recognition of your business.

The major drawback of G Suite of not being available offline has been resolved by this app as it provides access both online and offline.

Also, like G Suite it lets you open your documents in the browser without the use of any third-party application. It provides you with features like skype to chat and call and gives you the outlook for emails as well.

It also provides 1TB of the drive for cloud storage in its business plan. It also comes with the best cutting edge Threat protection security feature like that of Google. Thus having looked into all the above elements that are just as same as that of Google, Office 365 can be a great alternative to G Suite.


  • Users can access any Microsoft Office Apps anytime with fewer chances of any data theft.
  • With Microsoft Office 365, you can collaborate with multiple clients as well as colleagues.
  • You can access your Microsoft Office 365 in a web browser.


  • Microsoft Office is a great platform, but it has compatibility issues with third-party apps, making it difficult for users to manage the work.


To be precise enough, G Suite is the best option amongst any of these applications, it becomes a little expensive for companies that are working on a small platform or do not have much revenue to afford it.

Thus, in such cases, you can use the above alternatives that can work for your business and prove to be useful enough.

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