How to Block Websites (Super Easy Steps, with screenshots)

There are many reasons why one would want to block websites, sometimes, they just bug you to a level where you want to break the screens of your device.

While some websites only irritate you to that extent others might be sending in harmful viruses that can damage your computer and files.

There are also websites that can steal information from your computer or online data and not everyone is able to avoid these websites or take care of them without blocking them.

The best way, of course, is to block these websites for good! There are different methods through which you can block websites on different browsers, or operating systems.

Read on to find out how to block websites on your operating system or device!

The foremost purpose of the internet was to share information globally. Websites were created to contain the information required to be shared with the world.

People could see many advantages of having this technology but there was a different perspective to it as well—a darker side that displays inappropriate content to your screens with a well-defined purpose.

Why should I block pop-up ads and websites?

While not all the pop-up ads are trying to sneak into your computer for information. Some are really working their way inside your screens and into your data.

Despite the good news that Google has taken it under his hands that it will block the annoying ads from your browser starting 9th of July. Google plans to add up to its ad blocking features that were launched last February.

Basically, what Google plans to implement is a safe and secure web browsing experience that is free from any malicious and obnoxious practices.

Google offices have standardized the margin and limited ads to what practices or things it can involve. The Better Ads Program provided for success to Google.

It is good news that more than 97% website has web filters so that they advertisement can be free from any scandal or corrupt content.

How to Block Website on Your Computer

If we go back in 10 years, blocking pop up advertisement websites what quite irritating. It led to severe anxiety and aggression because no matter how many times you open the website, they will be some added surprise waiting for you.

To be precise, blocking mechanism of websites were very complicated back in the initial days of the internet and not everyone had the actual knowledge about how they could achieve that.

Easier solutions were needed for this problem which not only was bound to computers but smartphones as well.

But as time passed many solutions were created to block certain websites from your device, in the form of websites, applications and browser extensions.

Are you still wondering how will you block websites on your computer?

One of the best ways to get rid of the irritating websites which don’t let you be at peace is to login in to and avail their 30 day trial packs. Here’s how you can block websites in few easy steps;

1. Download the application from for free

Install Freedom IO

2. After downloading the application you can block websites using web application

Freedom IO Session

3. You can select any website you wish to block using the block list option

Block Sites Freedom

4. Click on ‘Start Session’ after adding the time duration to block the website for the amount of time for convenient and break free experience.

Session Freedom IO

Here’s How to Block Websites on Android

So we are always searching for ways to block websites on our android phones and sometimes we are just not looking up the right websites when type ‘How to Block Websites’.

You might be unaware of this, but blocking websites is super easy on your phone (Yep, that’s right). Blocking websites on your phone is as easy as one, two, and three.

Simply go to the play store and download the application on your phone and launch the application. Login into the application and you are ready to go. This is how the login page will look like.

Freedom 1

This is the initial page that you will see immediately after launching the application


Select “New Session” on the task bar given at the bottom of your application.

New Session

Click on Blocklist in New Session page

Start Session

And select the websites you wish to block on your Android Phone. Set the timer and click press “Start Session” given below


That’s it!

How to Block Websites on iOS

Well, owning an iOS device is a perk but goodness it is complicated at times.

Mainly because a lot of people have difficulties to find what they are looking for when they are searching for their apple stores for a service that can block the irritating websites.

The iOS users are usually in trouble because of the pop-up ads that ruin their user experience. Are you one of them? You can start the download right now and save yourself some good amount of time!

These are some easy steps that you can follow to indulge yourself in the best moments without worrying about what viruses is getting up your sleeves (your iOS, we mean). Here’s an easy step-by-step guidelines

    1. Download the application
    2. Sign up 30-days free trial or a great full package (choice is yours!)
    3. Select ‘New Session’

Freedom IO IOS Session

    1. Click on the ‘Block list’
    2. Add Websites you want to block

Freedom IO Blacklist

  1. Begin your tension free browsing!

How to Use Chrome/ Firefox Extension to Block Websites

You can install the Chrome extension here and Firefox extension from here. After opening the link follow these simple steps to help you block websites and use your browsers like never before;

    1. Add Freedom tool to you browser by clicking on ‘Add Extension’.

  1. Start New Session
  2. Add timer as per your preference
  3. Add the websites and application you want to block
  4. Enjoy your time screening like never before!

The extension is also offered in Opera Browser for user ease.

Alternative Ways to Block Websites on your iOS

Sometimes the methods we recommend don’t work for certain users, the reasons are often not the same and so instead of going for a diagnosis that why is it not working for you?

You can go for alternate ways to block websites. So if for some reason you are unable to use the above mentioned method for blocking your websites, fear not.

There are alternates available.

Although these alternatives may not provide the same level of interface but they are definitely good options that you can opt for. The two software which can help you in blocking websites are:

  1. Zero WillPower
  2. Site Blocker

Zero Willpower: As the name suggests, when you have no willpower to control yourself from the distracting websites which are having a bad effect on your working rhythm, this is the application for you if you are an iOS user.

It is a native application which lets you block sites of your choice to save you from the bad habit of constantly browsing the internet for something of no gain.

Site Blocker: Site blocker is the application which is similar to Site blocker chrome extension. It is highly useful to save your precious time and keep you off from useless or harmful websites which you can choose yourself.

Alternate Ways to Block websites on your Android Phone

Alternatives are good. Sometimes, it is the best way to know how well the current application in your phone is doing. Other times, it is just the way to move on.

It is a nature of man to explore and thus find the best application for their phones.

It might not work best for you but we all would like to know another way of ‘How to Block a Website on Your Android Phone’ and here it is for you;

Site Blocker can also be downloaded on your Android phones using Google Playstore and you can instantly set it up blocking websites which you think are distracting, time consuming or from which you feel unsafe.


Sometimes a little help is needed to stop yourself from bad habits, and in this technology driven era there can be plenty of them which can stop you from your work routine.

While a few of these popup applications are harmful, they are still playing a major role in wrong influences and spreading unhealthy habits. So even if you have second doubts about blocking a website, you shouldn’t.

You never know how much good these little changes can do to your browsing experience. To add, you are not the only one using websites and browsing applications.

So you have to be careful because you never know what that Barbie game website leads to!

These handy applications can be a life saver which are eating up a hefty amount of your time, which can make you more efficient and can probably save you enough time for yourself too.

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